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About Us

With offices in  Dublin (CBI), Hemel Hempstead (Vetting Solutions Centre) and Santander (Vetting Solutions Centre España), Checkback International is widely recognised as pioneers and  ‘Market Leaders’ (Business & Finance Magazine) in Ireland and Spain and one of the founding brands for this sector in the UK.   Founded as a subsidiary of one of Europe’s largest Risk Management organisations in the 90’s, the Checkback brand has since evolved into its own Group structure, which remains an independently owned company. Over the years we have perfected a specialist screening service, whose primary focus is to support corporate partners in the screening of potential new staff, to ensure that our clients have accurate and verified information in the management of their Human Resources. Checkback tailors Vetting solutions to suit the needs of individual clients, whilst ensuring service meets the requirements laid down by legislation and relevant supervising inspectorates. We conduct quality-driven pre-employment vetting services using a proprietary online process that is fully compliant to Irish Data Protection Legislation.

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— Rick Riordan —

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Our Clients

CheckBack International provides clients with control over their account and hiring processes from our convenient, web-based interface. From CheckBack's Client website, our clients can:

  • Manage accounts online. Each client has a unique account number that can be used to log on to their Checkback account manager, review work in progress, upload or download forms, and obtain full account details.

  • Monitor hiring processes in real time. From Checkback’s Client website, clients can monitor the progress of individual screenings and track outstanding work.

  • Access discounted services. Clients gain first access to discounted services using the Billboard in Checkback’s Client website.

Sample of organisations we have worked with


What our Clients say

  • “Intel Ireland have received an excellent service from Joey & his team. They provide a detailed report on all candidates within SLA. We are hugely satisfied with the professional level of service that we receive. We hire candidates from all over the globe into Ireland & Checkback have been able to support this requirement with zero issues & at a competitive cost.”

    — Ulick Burke, Intel European Staffing —
  • Checkback’s entrepreneurial spirit gives ‘DNG Commercial Property’ flexibility and control over our screening process, they are big enough to matter, yet small enough to care, and have become an important part of our recruitment process

    — Kevin Gleeson, Partner in DNG Commercial Property —
  • “Definitely worth the investment. It really saves me time and effort. Thanks to your services, I am assured of a competent quality service fulfilling our obligations to IS.999:2004 Standard.” 

    — Sean Lawless, Trustguard Security Group Ltd —




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How Checkback Works

It’s easy to work with Checkback International. Working with our clients, CBI develops a number of customised application forms for use at the interview stage. Job applicants complete these forms and the client returns them to the CBI account manager for analysis and screening, a process that takes only a few days (the average turnaround time is between 2-5 days). CBI’s business improvement software streamlines the application process by allowing applicants to complete CBI forms online from anywhere using the Checkback website, making the process highly convenient and efficient.

Upon completion of CBI’s analysis, the client receives a full, comprehensive and confidential report. Additionally, CBI’s new business process improvement software provides our clients real-time online access to all screenings that CBI researchers carry out on their behalf. Using an account number and password, clients can login to the Checkback website to manage and monitor all work in progress for up-to-the-minute status, or access necessary application forms any time these forms are needed.

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Thank you for taking the time to find out more about the Checkback service, remember we are here to help, so if you have any questions or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to call us on 014568218’.

— Nicola Beels (Senior Account Manager) —






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