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CheckBack International provides clients with control over their account and hiring processes from our convenient, web-based interface.

From CheckBack’s Client website, our clients can:

  • Manage accounts online. Each client has a unique account number that can be used to log on to their Checkback account manager, review work in progress, upload or download forms, and obtain full account details.
  • Monitor hiring processes in real time. From Checkback’s Client website, clients can monitor the progress of individual screenings and track outstanding work.
  • Access discounted services. Clients gain first access to discounted services using the Billboard in Checkback’s Client website.

Sample of organisations we have worked with

Thanks for this, This has already proven to be so much more efficient that the F20 form!…I really value all of your help as well as that of the screening team. Myself and the compliance team are extremely happy to be working with Checkback International.

Katie Hind - International Candidate Manager, Prospero Teaching

I just checked the status of our first candidate on your system. Very impressed, exactly what I was looking for. Makes the previous company look like they are in the dark ages!

Gary Docherty Director, Recruitment Services, Goodacre Limited
Intel Ireland have received an excellent service from Joey & his team. They provide a detailed report on all candidates within SLA. We are hugely satisfied with the professional level of service that we receive. We hire candidates from all over the globe into Ireland & CheckBack have been able to support this requirement with zero issues & at a competitive cost.
Ulick Burke, Intel European Staffing, Your Content Goes Here
Checkback services proved to be an extremely useful tool in our recruitment process; Professional and experienced team ensures quality of screening within surprisingly short turn-around- time; Checkback services well adjusted to the present labour market in Ireland thanks to the ability to screen foreign nationals in their own languages; All areas of our business relations catered for: from quality screening services through client account administration to comprehensive reporting system.
Alan Cousins, Divisional Manager , SPL Contracts