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Due to recent changes in legislation from Brussels and to ensure Irish based applicants are not disadvantaged in European recruitment process, Checkback has established a European Criminal Record check (ECRC) solution, opening up ‘ECRC’s’ for all individuals with an address history in 26 of the 28 ‘EU’ states.

Irish organisations are no longer prejudiced when tendering beyond Irish borders and where ‘CRC’s’ are considered a critical part of any proposal. We provide multiple ECRC’s for Candidates with multiple European address history, using one centralised European form i.e. candidate who have lived in Ireland, UK & Poland, for example, will receive ECRC originating from NVB (Garda), DBS in United Kingdom and Dept. of Justice in Warsaw. All included in the one price and application process.

This service is unique to Checkback International, Checkback Group Regional Offices, Clients & Associated partners, who act as distributors for the Pre-employment vetting sector in Europe.

Turn around times: 5 to 10 working days (For Standard Report).

EU member states co-operating with CHECKBACK´s European Criminal Record Service


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